Youth Hangout Update

Challenged To Grow

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill?

Was it easy or was it hard?

Our group was challenged to do just that, except this weeks challenge was to spend time reading the Bible at least 3 times this week and send the leader a picture of what they were/ had read. It didn't matter how long they did it for, it was that they gave it a go. 

Will you take up the challenge? 

Will you go on a hunt using your searching skills to find something of interest in the Bible for you?

Take up the challenge, I promise you, you won't regret it! What's the worst that can happen?

Is It Ok For A Christian To Swear?

All questions are welcome here! 

This question was a ripper, and it came from observation. Some of our attendies had observed Christians swearing a lot but didn't know wether God saw it as ok or not and this began our hunt to find out what God's opinion was.

Our search was successful and we found the answer. 

While searching for the answer to this awesome question we also discovered that we can use apps and search engines to find these things in the Bible. That means that anyone can discover the answers to their questions if they know how and if they have a phone, computer and/or Bible. 

Are you curious about what we found? Why not be brave and send us a message.

Interested in what we are doing or want to join, why not send us a message?

Monopoly Monday

Once a month the Youth Hangout crew has an event where they invite friends to come along and do something fun together. This month everyone chose to do monopoly and what a game it was.

There was food, fun and an incredible rivalry. It got a little physical at times and the tension could be felt the moment you entered the room. It would appear that the Youth Hangout crew can be a bit competitive.

Newbies to the game were shown the ropes from the experts and picked up the game rather quickly. So much fun was had that the group is looking forward to the next months activities.

Interested in Joining us next month? Why not drop us a line? We would love to have.

A Bad Dream With Meaning

Have you ever wondered about God? Who he is, does he care about us, does he exist, can he be real, can what he says be trusted?

As a group we decided we would look at these very questions and so we read Daniel 2. During our reading, and discussion of Daniel 2, we discovered some of the answers to these questions. 

If you have never read Daniel 2 before, why not start today? 

You can find it here 

Our group loves asking questions and finding out what God has to say about them in the Bible (his word).

We love having new people join our group so... If you want to join in on our discussion why not send us a message?

If you would like to join our group... send us a message. 

We would love to hear from you!