Hamilton Seventh-Day Adventist Church
Hamilton Seventh-Day Adventist Church

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Place: Hamilton, VIC

Start: 09:16 AM, 25 Oct 2014

End: 09:15 AM, 26 Oct 2014

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This Quarter's Sabbath School PowerPoint Presentation

 brought to you by Brothers Sergio & Eunice Fustero (Spain) using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007
, or their contact e-mail: info@fustero.es

Translated by: Juan Marcos Fustero


Lesson 1.PPTX   Lesson 2.PPTX
Lesson 1.PPT   Lesson 2.PPT
JPG Image Slide Set 1   JPG Image Slide Set 2
Lesson 1 Smart-Phone and Tablet   Lesson 2 Smart-Phone and Tablet
Lesson 1 Full Package   Lesson 2 Full Package
Lesson 3.PPTX   Lesson 4.PPTX
Lesson 3.PPT   Lesson 4.PPT
JPG Image Slide Set 3   JPG Image Slide Set 4
Lesson 3 Smart-Phone and Tablet   Lesson 4 Smart-Phone and Tablet
Lesson 3 Full Package   Lesson 4 Full Package

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